At 1.5 Years Mark.

.. and 4 months after the completion of our house renovation, me & Azan finally moved out of my parents’ place and into our own place.

Let’s just say that I didn’t expect myself to be so emotional over this new change in life. My family slept over our place last Saturday and bid goodbye to us on Sunday night. It has been 2 days since, and I am still crying whenever my family, my Mak especially, come into my mind. Yesterday was also the very first time I came back to our place from work. And it sure felt different and lonely..

Azan is very understanding whenever he sees my crying all of a sudden after solat, etc. In fact, he himself felt sad when we moved out because he had grown to be bonded and attached with my family throughout the 1.5 years of living there. 1.5 years?! Where did all the time go? :( It sure didn’t feel that long..

Nasib baik lah kita considered stay dekat dgn my parents. I can take a direct bus from my place to my parents’ and it is just a few stops away. Can’t imagine if I were to live even further.. Lagi lah terasa jauh sangat.. I hope that I will get used to this change as soon as possible and accept the fact that I am all grown up already.



Hope I’m not too late to wish my followers/readers a Blessed Eid Mubarak :)

“Taqabbalallahu Minna wa Minkum”, May Allah accept good deeds from us and from you. In Shaa Allah..

How’s your Eid celebrations so far? Mine is rather stagnant, I’m not sure why.. Though our house have been renovated and completed way before Ramadhan, we decided not to welcome Syawal at our new place simply because we were not ready and we just.. didn’t want to. Haha! Takpe lah, kasi lah kita chance last beraya di rumah mak bapak kita ok?

Let me just share with you the highlights of my Eid celebrations this year.

Started Day 1 at the in-laws’ house..

Next year’s Raya, In Shaa Allah kalau takde halangan eh, akan tambah lah lagi satu member dalam family nie.. Eh bukan, saya belum mengandung lagi. Hahaha tapi saya akan ade besan lah.

Lepak. Habiskan keropok kat rumah mertua hahaha.

After which, we went to Azan’s paternal’s aunts’ place (his grandparents had passed away) at Boon Lay then to his grandma’s place at Bukit Batok. At about 3pm, we left to join my family at my paternal aunt’s place at Bukit Panjang.

One with my grandma. Don’t mind my cousin’s finger at the top of the picture, and don’t mind my hands on my tummy hahaha I have no idea why I did that.

We ended our Day 1 at Tampines, my maternal uncle’s place (my grandparents had passed away too). No picture for that because I was totally shagged and dead.

Day 2 was spent with my maternal family. They insisted on visiting my place though they were aware I have barely anything in my house. Not even kuih raya hahah! Tapi air Raya ade lah. But because we were heading to my cousins ‘s place which is behind my block, they insisted and they didn’t mind at all. Alhamdulillah, berbesar hati that they still wanted to visit my house hehe.

Before heading to my place, I bought durians and we had a feast at my place.

One with my maternal cousins!

And here’s the squad – not in picture is Pak Lang and family & Mak Long and family.

The following weekend, Day 8 was spent with my paternal family pulak.

So happy with my cousins’ Hijrah, Alhamdulillah! (the one in black and nude)

With some of my nieces and nephews. The ones I’m close with.

Few of the many wefies we took that day! Group nie memang kecoh. They are my father’s brother’s children whom I regard them as my own older brothers and sisters. Yup, nie baru 2 families je tapi dah kecoh macam nak roboh rumah orang. Dengan boomerang tak habis-habis lagi..

My uncle’s children are all married already, while I’m the only married one in my family. My siblings, bila nak join married club nie hahaha!

Abah and his nephews (his brother’s children)

Alhamdulillah, this year I didn’t have to handle any annoying questions/comments like “Belum ade lagi??”.. Instead, they were all saying something like “Takpe, settle rumah dulu.. Mesti lepas tu sangkut punya” and “Allah lebih tahu.. Cik/Wak/Nyai doakan semoga Aifa dapat zuriat secepatnya yeee..”  Heheh I honestly felt really loved and blessed each time someone said that to me. Alhamdulillah.. Moga Allah kabulkan doa-doa tu semua, Ameen!

Oh ya. 1 question which people kept asking me/Azan this time was – “Eh asal belum pindah lagi? Bila nak pindah?” Hahaha at that point of time, we really didn’t have the answer because we honestly didn’t know when to move in officially.

But now, dah boleh jawab “In Shaa Allah, hujung bulan ni.. Kasi habis Raya sekali lah” Hehehe.

Laminated Wall Is Up!

Here is the plus point about engaging Jack as your ID (I’m not sure about other companies/IDs though) – you can always contact him and get him to install anything & everything in your house even after your house reno has officially completed. In fact, up till today, he hasn’t exited or asked us to leave the ‘Reno 218C’ WhatsApp chatgroup which he created at the very beginning! :)

Abt one week before our housewarming event, to our horror, we discovered a slight dent on the partition wall at our dining area!! We realised how it happened – pushing the dining chair too backwards had caused it to hit the wall, which is made of soft board. I didn’t want a concrete wall for this because I wanted more cabinet space in the kitchen. Concrete wall is thick and will eat up more space in my kitchen.

So I quickly texted Jack about this and he suggested to bring up a laminated wall on it. This would help prevent from the dining chairs causing more dents on the wall. He actually wanted to install it before the housewarming but we couldn’t find an earlier date to meet his carpenter so it was installed last Friday!



Alhamdulillah!! Really loveeee the outcome :) And most importantly, the workmanship. He didn’t charge me for this but he still came down to check on his carpenter’s work/progress & ensure that everything was okay.

Now convinced to engage Jack/Bestform? Hehehe.

Bila Nak Move In?

Alhamdulillah, it has been almost 2 months since the completion of the #ProjectAAH renovation!! Ever since then, we have been sleeping over at our place weekly (over the weekends) and will continue to do so until we officially move in. So far so good :) Thankfully my parents’ place (where we are staying since we got married) is nearby, so shuttling between both places aren’t that tiring.

Last Saturday, we hosted a kenduri + housewarming event at our place. Invited friends and relatives over, both my side and Azan’s on the same day. We initially thought of hosting separately because our place isn’t that big riiiight.. – my side on 1 day and his side on another day. But it would be double the expenses, double the tiredness. So heck, we decided to invite everyone on the same day.

Thankfully Abah brought tables and chairs from his workplace so at least our guests can sit outside to eat and chill if there isn’t any space left inside the house. This was of course taken before we placed the table mats :)


We engaged Shereen’s Kitchen as our caterer that day and everyone sang praises of the food! Syukur Alhamdulillah :) Azan engaged them for his engagement event 4 yrs ago and he said that the service + food quality remained the same.. Even after all these years!!

I placed my desserts table inside the house and I forgot to take a picture of it!! Nothing fancy though, didn’t bother to decorate it because what’s more important is the spread of desserts placed on the table. Hehe! There was doughnuts, variety of chocolate cakes, all sorts of kuihs and so on! Thank you to those who have kindly sponsored them, Alhamdulillah :) Mak also cooked soto ayam for my guests that day buat tambah-tambah. She was actually having a headache that morning but still proceed to cook.. Like any other mothers would do, anything for their children :)

Below are only a few of the guests that whom I managed to take pictures with. There were so many others whom I forgot to take pictures with!! I regretted not getting someone to be the photographer for that day :(

With my neighbour, the one who seen me throughout my secondary sch years, all the way till I’m married :)

With my bestfriend, since primary school! I don’t know we managed to stick to each other despite our squabbles, differences.. See, even our outfits are opposing each other hahaha!

With my neighbour who have seen me grew right from the start!

With my colleagues. Thank you Hanis (on the left) for the wonderful surprise! She told me she couldn’t make it due to personal reasons but somehow, she managed to make a quick escape from wherever she was to attend!! Hehehe. She is my poly mate turned colleague, btw.

HAAAAAA. Here’s the man!! The one who turned my unit into a beaaaaaautiful home :) Jack (on the left) from Bestform Design Pte Ltd! Thank you for the angpao! Hahaha that was really unexpected though. Invited him over so that he can have lunch but he passed me a red packet before he left! That’s his partner btw.

More colleagues of mine :)

My sister and her boyfriend.

My ex-bridesmaids (my bro’s girlfriend, my bestfriend) and my cousin.

Mak and Mak Busu!

Azan with my primary school friend / Azan’s NS buddy. Small world!!

With my ex-principals!

Some of the gifts we received that day, Alhamdulillah!

Me and Azan were a bit scared initially since it was or first time hosting an event. But Alhamdulillah, we were soooooo blessed and thankful at the end of the day. Everything went smoothly, and we totally didn’t expect such an overwhelming turnout. May our house be filled with lots of Blessings and Barakah from Him, always. Ameen!

Bila nak move in?” / “When are you guys moving in?”

In Shaa Allah, lepas Raya eh. Sorry, but we’re not like most of them who can’t wait to celebrate Raya at new place. Hahaha!

ProjectAAH – Post Renovation Pictures! (Part 01)

Syukur Alhamdulillah.

It has been a week since the completion, and my house is slowly starting to look and feel like a cosy home :) Got very important electrical appliances like airpot, vacuum (all these things I cannot wait for people to give/present it to me on my housewarming event because I need to use it immediately lah hahaha! Kidding :D) Household items like soap (all kinds of soap!!), utensils, etc. I even got the dining table fized already. Murah je, beli kat IKEA for temporary use.

For the past week, I also had visitors at my house already! Hehe, Alhamdulillah. On Saturday, my brother’s girlfriend came over with cakes and goodies. Then on Sunday, my colleague came over with her family and brought donuts! She is receiving her house keys soon and is considering Jack/Bestform so I invited her over so that she & her husband can see the workmanship :) This weekend, we’re expecting more visitors as well. Till my sister commented, “Kak, dah banyak orang nak datang sekarang kakak dah tak payah buat house warming seh” THIS GIRL AHHHH.

Also, me and my family slept over my place for the first time ever over the weekend. Alhamdulillah.. It felt so surreal. Like I finally have my own house? I don’t know how to describe that feeling but you will know when you’re there one day :)

Okay, enough ranting. Let me share with you pictures of my living/dining area and the bedrooms.

Living area:

Dining area:

Bedroom 1:

Bedroom 2:

Master bedroom:

I especially loveeeee my built-in dressing table in my built-in wardrobe!

And, once again, I highly recommend Jack from Bestfrom Design Pte Ltd. Renovation may be over but I still can contact him if I need help with anything. So, if you’re considering and would like to view my house to a take a closer look on the workmanship, FEEL FREE TO PM/APPROACH ME OK! I am moreeee than welcome to have you all over :)

Will share the pictures of my toilets next!

#ProjectAAH Week 06 – Renovation Completed!

Exactly 3 years ago..

We were at HDB Hub, selecting the unit of our choice. And today, the renovation for our unit has just completed. Alhamdulillah!

Yesterday, Jack got his workers to do the entire house cleaning and they were at our place since 1pm. And by 7pm or so, they were done with the cleaning. And when I said entire house, I really meant ENTIRE house. From the floors, to the walls, to the windows/grills, the cabinets, the toilets, EVERYTHING. When we came after that, we didn’t even have to mop the floor or anything. All had been done for! :)

And with that, Alhamdulillah yesterday marked the end of the renovation works for #ProjectAAH :) It’s good that my cousins came over yesterday because they helped me & Azan to identify all the rectifications to be made by Jack. Especially Abg Along, whose house reno was completed few weeks back.

Without further ado, let me share with you first pictures of my kitchen!

If you couldn’t recall, here is how my kitchen looks like initially:


(the household shelter is in the kitchen, on the right)

And here’s the final look:

One side of the kitchen cabinet, taken from the left.


And here’s the same side, but taken from the right. (the hanging wires are for the switches which haven’t been installed)

Think I did mention in my previous post, that I specifically indicated the shade (dark or light) for each cabinet door. Alhamdulillah, the outcome was exactly how I envisioned it to be! And I did a great decision to add the tempered glass backsplash on a last minute notice. Not only does it complete the entire look, but I no longer have to worry about scrubbing the stains in between the tiles after cooking (refer to picture above, the original look of my kitchen)

Blum hinges installed for all kitchen cabinet doors!

View from the service balcony. I thought my kitchen will be small and cramped since I have cabinets on both sides of the kitchen. But it turned out to be spacious! Alhamdulillah :)

The empty space beside the cabinet is where I will be placing my refrigerator.

And lastly, here is the view of my service balcony from the kitchen.

Will share more pictures of my house in the upcoming posts, In Shaa Allah :) And yes, I highly recommend Jack from BESTFORM DESIGN PTE LTD!

#ProjectAAH Week 05 – Carpentry? Completed!

Managed to visit our house only on Saturday last week (Week 04 of reno) as we had to make frequent trips to the hospital to visit the MIL who was warded due to her wound near the ankle area. Anyway, we were told by Jack that no works to be done last week as his carpenter had to return back to Malaysia for an urgent matter. Thus, last week was just delivery of items.

Below are just some of the things that were delivered to our place.

Then on Monday this week, Azan dropped by our place after he visited the doctor and saw that more things have been delivered – carpentry items!!

We were informed by Jack that carpentry works would begin the next day. So we estimated that it should be done latest by Thursday.. However, I decided to drop by yesterday to take a look and to my amazement, 99% of the carpentry works are completed!! My wardrobes are up, my kitchen cabinet is up (except the stainless steel dish rack, the sink & pipe, the hob & hood, the back splash), my TV wall & console is up (except the mirror features on the wall)!!

Got him to fix the shelving in the cabinet provided by HDB, and it’s done too!

Got him to help my fix the door stopper (for the main door, which is not provided by HDB) and it’s done too!

Below are the sneaks which I shared on my Instagram page as well, hehehe.

So what’s left before #ProjectAAH comes to an end?

  1. This Friday (tmr): Installing of lights, fans, bathroom accessories, kitchen counter top & accessories
  2. Next week: Glass & mirror works, final touch-up on painting (including painting of door frames)

After which, it should be rectification of renovation works, chemical and general cleaning of house, settle of balance payment, handing over the necessary receipts/invoices/warranty and voila!! In Shaa Allah :)